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Kuban State Agrarian University is a university located in Krasnodar, a city in southern Russia.

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Likhovsky V. V.; Volynkin V. A.; Olejnikov N. P.; Vasylyk I. A.; et al. Institut of Vine and Wine “Magarach” [Corporate Author] Kuban State Agrarian University [Corporate Author]

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Progress of breeding for resistance to diseases, pests and low temperatures is provided by cross-species hybridization. Institute of Vine and Wine "Magarach" is one of the leading centers of selection of grapes in the world. The breeding program of deducing grapes at the institute is based on the study and attracting the world's gene pool, including and industrial of the Russian Federation assortment of grapes. Analysis assortment shows that the share of productive, highquality varieties with group resistance to diseases, pests and extreme environmental factors is very small. The main method of selection of grapes of a new generation who have genetically determined traits earliness, resistance to biotic and abiotic factors is crossing complex interspecific hybrids and forms of their involvement with each other and with the forms of species Vitis vinifera, belonging to different ecogeographical groups, saturating crossing between hybrid forms with complex features, the appropriate selection of reference. For vigorous offspring is most effective as a parent to use a local variety of forms of Crohn and father - interspecific cultivar Alminsky

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Polythematic Online Scientific Journal of Kuban State Agrarian University

ISSN : 1990-4665