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Podgorny S. V. Samofalov A. P. Skripka O. V. All-Russian Research Institute of crops [Corporate Author]

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Diseases cause great damage to agriculture, reducing yields and decreasing its quality. The losses are up to 20-30% of potential crop yields. Different types of rust and powdery mildew cause significant damage to wheat. Thereby, the growing of varieties tolerant to these diseases is of great importance at present. It allows solving such problems as the improvement of stability of grain production (especially in the epiphytotic time), improvement of its quality and reduction of prime cost of the product. Cultivation of resistant varieties gives the opportunity to avoid a use of crop protection chemicals and thus, to improve environment. The researches were carried out in the laboratory of intensive soft winter wheat breeding and seed-growing of FSBSI ARRIGC after I.G. Kalinenko in 2013-2015. The crop was sown in a bare fallow. 275 samples of soft winter wheat from the world collection VIR, Turkey (CIMMYT), new varieties of domestic and foreign breeding, varieties and constant selection lines of own selection were the subjects of the study. Favorable for disease development weather conditions allowed evaluating collection samples according to the degree of infection with leaf rust and powdery mildew under natural conditions. According to a complex resistance to leaf rust and powdery mildew we have distinguished the following samples: ‘Nakhodka’, ‘1226/98’, ‘662/99’, ‘1366/08’, ‘Patriarkh’ (Russia); ‘Shestopalivka’(Ukraine); ‘Simonida’ (Serbia); ‘MV 15-04’ (H
ungary); ‘Rialto’ (England); ‘Menestrel’ (France); ‘№42 CIMMYT’ (US). Thus, our conducted study resulted in distinguishing the samples of soft winter wheat which are resistant to leaf rust and powdery mildew and are recommended to use as a source of resistance and tolerance to these pathogens. The samples with a combined resistance to both pathogens are of particular interest

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Polythematic Online Scientific Journal of Kuban State Agrarian University

ISSN : 1990-4665