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Kuban State Agrarian University is a university located in Krasnodar, a city in southern Russia.

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Orlov A. I.; Gavrilova V. D.; Bauman Moscow State Technical University [Corporate Author]

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The actuality of ecological issues was realized about 50 years ago. The highlight of the ecological movement to protect the environment has been, in our estimation, the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (Rio de Janeiro, 1992), which adopted the concept of sustainable development. After 1992 the interest in ecology of broad masses was decreased slightly, although the environmental problems are not only remained, but appeared to a greater extent. However, now there is a legal basis for their decisions. Particularly, enterprises must have a certified environmental management system; otherwise they will be unable to compete in international markets. Awareness by humanity of need for environmental protection has led, in particular, to the deployment of scientific research in the field of ecological safety studies. Therefore, we have found that it is necessary and useful to report about the research of our team on this subject. Ecological security issues are highly relevant to the energy sector, in particular for gas enterprises. As an example of the new scientific results we discuss the innovative approach to the disposal of drilling waste. The basic idea - the use of underground non-enveloped tanks in permafrost soil for disposal of drilling waste. Permafrost is typically a negative impact on economic development, but in this situation it is the determining factor for a positive role, enabling lower costs to ensure ecological safety and,
consequently, improve the competitiveness of domestic enterprises in the global gas market. This article is devoted to methods of dumping drilling waste and the problems that arise in their burial place. We discuss various methods of waste disposal, their advantages and disadvantages, as well as the impact on the environment

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Polythematic Online Scientific Journal of Kuban State Agrarian University

ISSN : 1990-4665