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CYP1A1  [2016]

Kublinskiy Konstantin Siberian State Medical University [Corporate Author]

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The efficacy of various genital endometriosis treatment schemes has been analyzed. It is reasonable to use gestagens and GnRH agonists for the treatment of pelvic pain syndrome. The frequency of dysmenorrhea relief in women with endometriosis treated with any hormonal therapy is similar. Pregnancy is most often registered, if GnRH agonists and COCs are included into combination therapy schemes.Up-to-date molecular and genetic analyses reveal that women predisposed to genital endometriosis possess Allele G and Genotypes AG and GG of the polymorphic option A-4889G of the CYP1A1 gene and Allele A and Genotypes CA and AA of the polymorphic option C-734A of the CYP1A2 gene. The polymorphism of the promoter regions of the SULT1A1 (G-638A) and SULT1E1 (C-174T) genes is not associated with genital endometriosis in women.

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