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Influence of agrotechniques on oats seeds laboratory germination and physical properties  [2016]

Eliseev, S.L. Yarkova, N.N. Ashikhmin, N.V., Perm State Agricultural Academy (Russian Federation)

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Studied was the seed laboratory germination ability (LGA) and physical quality indicators of oats grain influenced by the agrotechnical factors (variety, preceding crop and seeding rate). Field experiments were conducted in 2008-2010 and 2013-2015 in the Perm Krai. Plots were established on sod-podzolic heavy-loamy mid-cultivated soils typical for the Middle Cis-Ural region. The fertility bonitet of their arable layer ranged from 50 to 66 scores. Meteorological conditions in the investigation years were contrastive. Hydrothermal coefficient ranged from 1.0 to 2.4 during the oats vegetation period. It is established that oats location upon winter rye or clover increases laboratory LGA of oats seeds reaches 96%, which is higher by 3% than LGA seeds obtained from the barley plots and higher by 1% than peas plots. Sowing oats with the seeding rate of 4 Mln/ha also provides 96% LGA, which is higher by 2% than when the seeding rate is 6 Mln/ha. LGA of large-seed cultivar Konkur is by 2% higher than in seeds of the Dens cultivar whose seeds are middle in size (6 and 94%, respectively). The analysis shows that oats LGA depends on agrotechniques influencing the change in the thousand-seed weight. Close direct relationship was educed between these indices (r= 0.71). No close direct relationship of husk content, size and uniformity of seeds and their LGA has been revealed. In the experiment of 2008-2010 where (NPK) 30 was used the influence of this dose of fertilizer
on LGA and uniformity of oats seeds has not been found; only an increase on the portion of coarse fraction from 51 to 55% in the Dens cultivar and from 49 to 53% in the Fakir cultivar is recorded. It is concluded that the cultivar and agrotechniques have some influence on LGA and physical properties of grain.

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Perm Agrarian Journal

ISSN : 2307-2873