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Journal article

Prevention of postpartum diseases of reproductive system in dairy cows  [2016]

Tatarnikova, N.A., Perm State Agricultural Academy (Russian Federation); Zhdanova, I.N., Perm Research and Development Inst. of Agriculture, Perm Krai (Russian Federation);

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Scientific and practical experiments were carried out at one of the farms of the Perm Krai in 4 groups (12 heads in each group) of clinically healthy animals in a period of intense milking. A new prevention method for postpartum period diseases in cows in the period of intensive milking was developed with the use of bioinfusin and histogen. Since the 15-th days after calving daily for 7 days the cows of experimental group I were injected intramuscularly with the bioinfusin at a dose of 2.5 ml/100 kg of live weight. The cows of experimental group II were injected with histogen subcutaneously at a dose of 0.02 ml/1 kg of live weight. The cows of experimental group III – with both of the drugs according to the said schedule. The clinical condition of the cows before and after calving was taken into account. It was established that the use of bioinfusin and histogen contributed to the prevention of postpartum diseases in cows. The prophylactic efficacy of therapy in the control group with respect to retained placenta, endometritis, mastitis in the intensive milking period increased was 41.7-58.3%, in the experimental groups it increased up to 75.0-91.7%, while the best indicators are reached in the group that received the both drugs.

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Perm Agrarian Journal

ISSN : 2307-2873