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Journal Article

Development of the adaptive milking machine with mechanical pulsator  [2016]

Uzhik, V.F.; Klesov, D.N., Belgorod State Agrarian Univ. (Russian Federation);

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As a result of actual material collection, the patented designs overview and the principle of their work studying it was developed the adaptive milking machine design with a mechanical pulsator and the possibility of automatic control of the cycles ratio and pulse frequency depending on the milk flow intensity. The automatic changing of parameters is provided by the control block with a microcontroller, which on the milk flow intensity basis sets the milking mode. The proposed adaptive milking machine design description, principle of its work are presented. Developed milking machine are designed for milking cows in the barn with cow tethered on a mobile milking installations and in milking parlors. By the working process mathematical modeling of the pulsator it is established that both the horizon and vertical components of the clamping force applied to the inner surface of pulsator's body, as well as the necessary torque moment of the drive valve and force on the coordinate axis changing depends on the switching atmospheric and vacuum pressure, the valve diameter, the valve area, sensing the different of pressures, the separation plate inclination angle and the friction coefficient. The use of the adaptive milking machine with mechanical pulsator will allow to improve the degree of cows milking by 3-5%.

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" Development of the adaptive milking machine with mechanical pulsator "
" Разработка адаптивного доильного аппарата с механическим пульсатором "
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