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Journal Article

Journal Article

The weather conditions influence on the temperature and humidity conditions formation in a сowshed  [2016]

Vtoryj, V.F.; Gordeev, V.V.; Vtoryj, S.V.; Lantsova, E.O., Institute of Problems of Agrarian Engineering and Ecology in Agricultural Production, St. Petersburg (Russian Federation);

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The purpose of the research is to establish the nature-and-climatic conditions on the temperature and humidity conditions formation influence regularities in the cowshed. The stationary and portable installations of monitoring of microclimate parameters with electronic sensors of temperature, relative humidity and air velocity, CO2, NH3, H2S concentrations, and electronic registrant, information transfer through the USB port to the computer are designed. Results of measurements were recorded every 5 min. on the stationary installation and every 5 sec – on portable one. The average duration of the experiment was 24 h. Research conducted in January-February, 2016, in the cowshed for 150 tied dairy cows showed that the average outdoor air temperature change by 8-10 deg C leads to cowshed indoor air temperature change by 2-4 deg C. The relative humidity of outdoor air increase at the wind speed increasing doesn't lead to relative humidity in the cowshed significant increase. The outdoor wind speed increase contributes to the indoor air movement speed in the cowshed increase and the air circulation in the room intensification. It should be noted that at a limited air circulation during the night from 9 p.m. till 6 a.m. the temperature in the cowshed increased by 2-4 deg C, and relative humidity by 12-17%. The temperature and relative humidity in the cowshed rising is evidence of the ventilation system inadequate active. It is established that in depending on th
e wind direction and speed the air temperature can vary along the cowshed length by 2.5-4.0 deg C, width by 0.5-1.0 deg C, and the values of relative humidity in cowshed different parts can vary in 3-9%.

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" Влияние погодных условий на формирование температурно-влажностного режима в коровнике "
" The weather conditions influence on the temperature and humidity conditions formation in a сowshed "
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