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Journal article

Informal institutions and modernization of the agricultural sector: bipolar cultural determinations  [2016]

Stukach, V.F., Omsk State Agrarian Univ. (Russian Federation); Anikina, N.A.; Pomogaev, V.M., Omsk State Agrarian Univ. (Russian Federation);

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The research objective is to study the impact of cultural parameters on modernization process in society. The subject: cultural parameters, social capital, modernization processes in society, the composition and structure of the transactional component. The problems of socio-economic modernization and the influence on this process of agrarian informal institutions in the Omsk region were studied. The study of current behavioral characteristics was done using the parametric model of G. Hofstede. Informal institution's parameters and modernization processes in production sphere of agriculture were evaluated in economic aggregates. Some practical implications for entrepreneurial community and governing bodies were developed. Development processes of modernization in the regional agrarian sector is influenced by power distance, low degree of individualism when the abilities of self-expression, innovation development and ability to create competitive edges are weak, under-developed social infrastructure in rural areas, negative informal practice and opportunism. The factors that influence positively are: long-term orientation, avoidance of uncertainty, bonding capital accumulation in collectivists groups (trust), ability to freely express personal opinion, which tells that there is a potential to reduce the power distance. The solution is to clear the disbalance in the development of transactional and transformational sectors of economy, to develop and accumula
te social capital, to strengthen the positive informal practices, to mitigate the risk of opportunist behavior, to generally improve the quality of performance of the transactional sector of economy.

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Bulletin of Omsk State Agrarian University

ISSN : 2222-0364