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Journal Article

Journal Article

Assessment of woodiness in agrolandscapes of the Southern Volga upland according to NDVI  [2016]

Rulev, A.S.; Kosheleva, O.Yu.; Shinkarenko, S.S., Federal Research Centre of Agroecology, amelioration and protective afforestation RAS, Volgograd (Russian Federation);

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The article considers the possibility of normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) application for forest plantings inventory in agrolandscapes of low-forest regions of southeast of European part of Russia. Research was conducted on a test ground in the reservoir of the Dobrinkа river located within the south of Volga upland of Volgograd region. Works on a visual interpretation and calculation of NDVI were carried out on a high-resolution space image Landsat 8, date of shooting - September 2014. For the evaluation of the accuracy of NDVI data the isoline maps of natural, planted and total woodiness of the test ground territory were developed to which the isoline map of distribution of NDVI values was compared. The interfaced analysis of the isoline maps provided the visual coincidence of contours of the total woodiness of the territory and NDVI. At the accuracy level determined for the inventory carried out with use of remote sensing information in 0.68, use of the NDVI index for the evaluation of regularities of spatial distribution of forest plantings quite legally. It is determined that while using NDVI the accurate split of the territory into two areas corresponding to forested (natural forest aseas) and low-forest lands (agrolandscapes) occurs.

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" Оценка лесистости агроландшафтов юга Приволжской возвышенности по данным NDVI "
" Assessment of woodiness in agrolandscapes of the Southern Volga upland according to NDVI "
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