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Journal article

Utilization of wastes of coal mining industry in agriculture  [2016]

Vasbieva, M.T.; Kosolapova, А.I.; Fomin, D.S., Perm Research and Development Inst. of Agriculture, Perm Krai (Russian Federation);

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Effectiveness of mining coal industry wastes as a fertilizer on soddy-podzolic soil of the Cis-Ural region was studied in field experiment in 2007-2013. The greatest increase in grain yield of field crops (control: winter rye – 2.31 t/ha, spring wheat – 1.51 t/ha, barley – 2.58 t/ha, oat – 1.62 t/ha) was noted when applying the coal wastes at dose of 1.5 t/ha - by 0.19-0.62 t/ha, and of clover hay (control – 8.9 t/ha) - by 0.89 t/ha. The productivity of field seven-course crop rotation (control – 2238 fodder units) increased by 18%. Grain yield of winter rye and spring wheat when applying the coal wastes at doses of 3.0 and 6.0 t/ha remained at control level. The yield of clover, barley significantly increased and tendency to increase was noted in oat yield. Productivity of crop rotation increased by 8%. There was no significant difference between the effects of coal wastes doses on soil fertility indicators. Content of organic carbon increased by 7-13%, of available phosphorus - by 14-22%. Improvement of indicators of the soil absorbing complex was noted - amount of exchangeable bases, content of exchangeable magnesium increased, hydrolytic acidity decreased. Cellulolytic or biological activity of the soil increased by 1.8-1.9 times. Applying the coal wastes significantly increased nitrogen content in grain of winter rye and spring wheat as well as crude fat, crude protein and total phosphorus content in green mass of clover. Content of mobile and acid-so
luble forms of lead and cadmium in the soil decrease when using the coal wastes.

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Agrochem Herald

ISSN : 0235-2516