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The landscape planning of forest amelioration of degraded lands  [2016]

Rulev, A.S.; Yuferev, V.G., All-Russia Research and Development Inst. of Land and Forest Improvement, Volgograd (Russian Federation);

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The planning of agroforest landscapes supposes the estimation of their spatial structure that is the morphologic basis of the landscape. The technology of landscape planning of adaptive agroforestry arrangement of agricultural lands was developed on the basis of catena-basin approach and aerospace cartography to improve the management of agroforest landscapes. The ground for landscape planning is the determination of the essential relief patterns and development of a digital landscape model. The use of space images provides the updating of the information and renewal of cartography GIS-database. The morphodynamic analysis of the relief supports the development of a series of analytic maps, such as, a map of landscape types of the territory. The GIS superposition of the data of landscape map and digital model of the relief provides the development of a digital model of the landscape. The analysis of the digital component of the map reveals the characteristics necessary for the planning of erosion-preventive measures in the landscapes. The use of said models determines the most dangerous zones of the landscape on the territory under study and the inflection points of the landscape, and leads to the establishing of the location of protective forestations and engineering constructions. The superposition of raster and digital models creates the information field consisting of landscape description necessary for planning and development of works on its conservat
ion and improvement. The forecast dynamic cartography is used for the prognosis of landscape changes. It is developed with the deciphering of the information of agroforest landscape space images made in various periods and with the use of the system of computer management and analysis of the images with the utilization of special software packages. This database provides the landscape planning – the development of the complex of measures on adaptive agroforest arrangement of agrarian landscapes.

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" The landscape planning of forest amelioration of degraded lands "
" Ландшафтное планирование лесомелиоративного обустройства деградированных земель "
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