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Journal Article

Methodology of the livestock complexes' ecologically safe operation on the basis of ecological and technological criteria system  [2016]

Bryukhanov, A.Yu., Institute of Problems in Agricultural Engeneering and Ecology (Russian Federation);

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Developed are the main provisions of the livestock complexes ecologically safe operation methodology, which are based on the method of design and evaluation criteria of manure, ding utilization technologies. It is shown that the potential risk of the environment damage when the manure, dung disposing is more than 85% of the total risk of environmental damage from Northwest Federal district's agricultural productivity. The threat are the nutrients' losses in the environment, especially nitrogen and phosphorus, which make up about 35 thousand tons per year for nitrogen (N) and around 4,5 thousand tons per year for phosphorus (P). The result is the environmental pollution and crop-breeding loses the most valuable resource for soil fertility and plant nutrition holding. To solve this problem it has developed a combined method of manure and dung utilization technologies designing based on the industry conditions; the methods and mathematical models on basis the nitrogen safety on the logical-and-linguistic estimating method. The results show that the implementation of adapted to the complexes' conditions technologies of manure utilization on the basis of the specific reduced costs and ecological-and-economical effect's criteria allows to achieve of nitrogen's high safety. The developed method application allows achieving the nitrogen safety by utilizing bovine manure utilization: 72% of cattle manure, 70% of pig one and 78% of poultry dung that at the North-Wes
t region level will be about 10500 tons of nitrogen per year. In this case the economic effect's calculated value will be more than 5 billion rubles per year.

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" Methodology of the livestock complexes' ecologically safe operation on the basis of ecological and technological criteria system "
" Методология экологически безопасного функционирования животноводческих комплексов на основе системы эколого-технологических критериев "
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