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Journal Article

Journal Article

Methods of research global transport mineral substance  [2017]

Kulik, K.N.; Rulev, A.S.; Sazhin, A.N., Russian Academy of Sciences, Volgograd (Russian Federation). Federal Research Centre of Agroecology, Amelioration and Protective Afforestation;

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The modern steppe zone of Eurasia is an active arena of mineral substance eolation from the littering surface and its inclusion into the global process of exchange of substance and energy. The loss of fine earth by arable agricultural soils of steppe zone amounts to dozens of tons per hectare yearly that results in decrease in natural soil fertility and acceleration of total degradation of steppe ecosystems. The erosion of soil by wind is the most intensive when blocking processes occur as a result of strong anticyclone activity over south-east of Europe. This paper considers the methods of research on global transport of mineral substance. The theoretical and applied research according to the large program, including general scientific (analysis, synthesis), comparative geographical, geomorphological, climatic, mathematical and statistical methods; physical and chemical methods of analysis of soil properties, field stationary and field observation research on soil deflation, methods of physical and mathematical modeling, methods of remote sensing, was developed. The research on current eolian processes is very urgent due to their connection with the spatial intergeospheric transport of the substance and its accumulation on the littering surface. The knowledge of said processes would allow development of the mathematical models for the prognosis of such catastrophic phenomenon as dust storm events.

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" Methods of research global transport mineral substance "
" Методы исследований глобального переноса минерального вещества "
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