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Journal Article

Journal Article

The greenhouse gases and ammonia emission when cleaning manure and preparing it for use  [2017]

Gridnev, P.I.; Gridneva, T.T., All-Russia Research and Development Inst. of Mechanization of Animal Husbandry, Moscow (Russian Federation);

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The quantitative assessment pf impact of individual technological processes (ways of manure accumulation and cleaning it from the premises, processing it by composting or anaerobic digestion means, storage it by different types of coatings and inhibitory additives using) on methane, nitrous oxide and ammonia emissions is given. The nitrous oxide emission changing's limits depending on the applied technology of animal keeping (species, litter presence or absence), constituting 0.002-0.14 kg/kg of the allocated nitrogen are set. The methane emission range under the different dairy cows manure storage systems was 5.1-43.4 kg; for pig was – 0.7-6.0 kg per livestock place per year. During liquid manure storage in outdoor storage facilities the nitrogen losses in the ammonia form reach 15% of the of ammonium nitrogen content. It is recommended to use a litter when keeping animals, and when storing manure and products of its processing – storages with special coverings. At the manure processing in anaerobic conditions obtaining the heat and electric energy the harmful gases emissions reduction may reach 1200 g of CO2-EQ/kW*h. The choice of technology of utilization of manure for a specific enterprise should be done on the basis of complex technical and economic assessment.

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" Эмиссия парниковых газов и аммиака из навоза в процессе уборки и подготовки его к использованию "
" The greenhouse gases and ammonia emission when cleaning manure and preparing it for use "
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