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Journal article

Influence of fertilizer systems on ability of microfaunistic complex in technogenic disturbed soils to regenerate  [2017]

Vershinina, I.V.; Titova, V.I., Nizhnij Novgorod State Agricultural Academy (Russian Federation);

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The aspects of changes in the number and structural components of microfaunistic complex of technogenically disturbed soils in the conditions of the agricultural landscape were studied. The main aim of the work was to estimate the influence of mineral fertilizers (P60K60) and organic-mineral system of fertilizers (P60K60 + 60 t/ha of peat-manure compost) on the regeneration processes in the community of small soil invertebrates from mechanically disturbed soils. Research on the restoration of the number and structure of microarthropods was carried out on gray light forest loamy soils in Nizhniy Novgorod region. Two farming plots were monitored. In the spring period of 2010 there was reconstruction on the main pipeline on them resulting in disturbance of soils. To estimate the total number of small soil invertebrates (oribatid mites and springtails) in 2010-2012 2160 soil monoliths were selected and analyzed, a volume of each was 125 cm3. The accounting of the small soil invertebrates was conducted in the laboratory according to the method of Tullgren-Berlese using electric lamps. It was found that the mineral system of fertilizers applied on the mechanically disturbed soils, had a beneficial effect on the complex of microscopic invertebrates, increasing their population. The maximum number (354 units/m2) of microarthropods in the variant with application of P60K60 was noted in 2012. The fact of positive influence of joint application of peat-manure compost
(60 t/ha) and mineral fertilizers (P60K60) on the number of small soil arthropods is emphasized. It was found that organic-mineral system of fertilizers in comparison with mineral one provides the most rapid and effective regeneration of the number and structure of the complex of microarthropods.

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ISSN : 0235-2516