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The gradient of the effective use of agricultural land, as a vector, oriented to improve the food security of the country

Ryabova, T.F. Chizhik, A.S.

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The main hypothesis of the study is the assumption about the need to change the main gradientvectors of the country's food security, targeting them for activation and transformation of the system of economic management. The methodological basis of the study was dialectical, systematic, analytical, situational, economic-mathematical and other methods. The study revealed a radical gradient vectors of the country's food security. These include: the rehabilitation and reconstruction of the soil cover of agricultural land, their rational distribution by crops depending on climatic zones; the revival of the cattle and increase its productivity through the creation ofa complete database of feeding and the construction of comfortable spaces for their maintenance; the activationstate of the control system for the active creation of competitive domestic innovation for agriculture of the country,updating and replacing outdated technology with advanced technology, high-performance, environmentally friendly, energy-saving, able to carry out deep processing of raw materials for the production of new products. The most important vector of the gradient of food security of Russia is the increase in staff salaries in the agriculturalsector, the development of modern infrastructure of production and life.

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