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Journal article

The plant growth regulators and technological indicators of grain quality of winter wheat cultivated under conditions of the steppe zone KBR

Zherukov, T. B.; Kishev, A. Y.; Tutukova, D. A.;

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Winter wheat is the most important food crop. The grain of this culture is widely used for food purposes, primarily in the baking and confectionery industry, in the production of cereals, pasta, vermicelli and other products. The increase in gross yield of grain could not be managed without the use of modern chemicals. In the given article presents the results of studying the dependence of the technological properties of the resulting grain of winter wheat from application of different growth regulators in conditions of steppe zone of the CBD. Objects of research were the class "Note" and "Tanya". In our experiments, the improvement of food conditions in the soil due to fertilizer application and treatment with growth regulators during the growing season has changed the structure of yield and grain quality indicators of winter wheat. Also increased the growth of vegetative mass, accumulation of dry substances, the conditions of development of the generative organs is much improved. The grain yield of wheat was formed differently depending on the applied plant growth regulators, and applied mineral fertilizers. High marked effect on the yield of winter wheat mineral fertilizers and growth regulators. In General, for yield, quality indicators of grain and flour of winter wheat cultivar Tanya were superior to grade the note of the protein content, wet gluten, flour strength, and volumetric yield of bread. The best experience was the variant with application o
f mineral fertilizers in the dose of N90P90K60. This is followed by the variant with the use of the drug Silk.

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ISSN : 2076-9563