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The conditions of environmental markets development: identification and estimation

Verzhitsky, D.G. Chasovnikov, S.N. Bezgubov, V.A.

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The article describes the method of country’s (regional) environmental market conditions estimation. The subject of research includes ecological & environmental system conditions, giving the opportunity of environmental markets formation. The purpose of the research includes development and scientific justification of environmental markets conditions estimation approach. Hypothesis of research bases on theoretical and methodological theses of regional economy ecologization due to proper environmental markets conditions formation. The research is based on the following methods: system approach, the method of analogy, statistical methods, and comparative analysis. The results of research include the environmental markets development conditions identification and systematization. The problem of their complex qualitative estimation is solved with the use of author’s point & rating methods, based on environmental markets development in foreign countries retrospective analysis. The methods allow to make a qualitative estimation the regions environmental market conditions and to identify the problems in economic and ecological policy, which restrain environmental markets development. Point & rating estimation also allows to range regions by the environmental market conditions quality.

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Международные научные исследования

ISSN : 2076-9563