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The bases of effective management of the enterprise in entrepreneurial economy

Borisenko, I.L.; Bukreev, A.M.; Enina, E.P.;

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Management in social and economic systems (management), as the main resource, doesn’t provideenough effective functioning and development of the enterprises and organizations in the conditions of entrepreneurial economy. The problem seems that authoritative, democratic, liberal leadership styles do not cor respond to an entrepreneurial type of economy. The special stylehas to correspond to entrepreneurial economy. The entrepreneurial leadership style is such style. On the basis of consideration of concepts to undertake (entre preneurial) style, the management (leadership), a leadership style definition of an entity of an entrepreneurial leadership style is given. It is affirmed that the entrepreneurial leadership style is based on philosophy of entre preneurship and materializes the known principle: "More entrepreneurship, less management". Not management, but entrepreneurship acts as the main resource of the enterprises, organizations in entrepreneurial economy since entrepreneurship, but not staff (workers) solves everything. The contents of entrepreneurial leadership style is given. It is noted, in entrepreneurial economy the entrepreneurial leadership style is represented to the most reasonable.

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Международные научные исследования

ISSN : 2076-9563