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Formation towards effective development of managing subjects, based on assessment of competitiveness

Gunina, I.A. Amelin, S.V. Tolstykh, T.O.

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The quality of domestic enterprises, including enterprises of agricultural products should be such that producers can compete successfully in both the domestic market and internationally. The solution to this problem lies in several planes. First - is the creation of favorable conditions for producers, and secondly - the need for a large-scale modernization and application of modern technologies, in the third - the creation of condi tions for attraction of investments. The article examines issues related concept of "competitiveness" and found that the strategic choice of the company is inextricably linked with the assessment of the competitive position. Studies of the genesis of competitiveness and competitive advantages, led to the conclusion that in an effective direction of development should be allocated build the intellectual capital that will provide in the future stability of the functioning of both agricultural enterprises and industrial enterprises. As part of the competitiveness study proposes the use of the SWOT-analysis and analysis of the "blind" zones that identify shortcomings in existing policies.

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Международные научные исследования

ISSN : 2076-9563