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Journal article

Feeding and meat qualities of red cattle with intensive cultivation technology  [2017]

Ulimbashev, M.B.; Efendiev, B.Sh.; Gukezhev, V.M.; Gubjokov, M.A.;

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In accordance with the purpose of studies on the fattening and meat qualities of Red cattle of different origin under the conditions of the «Rial-Agro» breeding farm which is located in the flat zone of Kabardino-Balkarian Republic, two groups of bulls were formed with 15 heads in each. The controlled group included calves of Red steppe breed, in experimental it was animals of Kuban type of Red steppe cattle. The prevalence in the live weight of the gobies of the test group over the peers of the control group was established in all age periods: in 3 months by 15 kg, or 13,4% (P>0,999), at 6 months - by 22 kg, or 11,7% (P>0,999), in 9 months - by 26 kg, or 9,9% (P>0,999), in 12 months - by 30 kg, or 9,0% (P>0,999), in 15 months - by 35 kg, оr 8,6% (P>0,999), in 18 months - by 38 kg, or 7,8% (P>0,999). The results of control slaughter showed that after 24-hour hungry exposure, the pre-slaughter live weight of the control group of bull-calves was 475 kg, which is 37 kg, or 7,8% lower than the level of experienced analogs (P>0,999). As a result, the weight of the carcass obtained from each head of the test group averaged 280 kg, the control group - 253 kg. The greatest mass of internal fat was in the bulls of Kuban type of Red steppe breed, which advantage over peers of Red steppe breed in absolute terms was 0,8 kg (P>0,99). The slaughter weight and slaughter yield of the bulls of the experimental groups were naturally higher by 27,8 kg (P>0,999) and 1,4%, respectively.

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Международные научные исследования

ISSN : 2076-9563