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Breeding new lines of maize based on the donor's mnogopotochnoy from the collection of corn VIR  [2017]

Hatefov, E.B. Kanukova, Ja.O. Valentova, T.I. Golovina, M.A.

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According to a number of domestic and foreign authorsnovoposelkovaja corn is characterized by high potential of grain yield due to the formation of the second and subsequent cobs on the lower internodes. When thickened sowing corn silage mnogopuchkovyi genotypes is characterized by stability in the number of cobs and resistance to moisture deficiency in the soil. Phenotypic expression of symptom of mnogopotochnoy corn is positively correlated with optimal climatic conditions and responsive to high soil fertility. Conducted research breeding values mnogotochechnykh lines of maize derived from donors of the sign of mnogopotochnoy corn from the collection of the FEDERAL state budgetary institution "Federal research center all-Russian Institute of plant genetic resources for them. N. And. Vavilov". Selection research incorporated in agro-climatic conditions of the foothill zone of the Kabardino-Balkar Republic on the territory of the society NARTAN to maximize the phenotypic manifestation of the trait of mnogopotochnoy, and the study of ecological plasticity and stability in the steppe and foothill zones of Kabardino-Balkaria. Created topcross with sterile adiopodoume lines to determine the nature of inheritance of mnogopotochnoy in the offspring of hybrids. Study the nature of inheritance of mnogopotochnoy in the offspring of hybrids showed the specificity of the types of inheritance depending on the genotype of the selected tester. The greatest tendency for
the manifestation of mnogopotochnoy by hybridization with mnogopotochnoy line identified among the studied testers, sterile line Гк26М, which showed a tendency to an intermediate type of inheritance (incomplete dominance). The new line mnogopotochnoy of maize are characterized by the synchrony of flowering ears of all lines, selected reducing agents and fixers TSMs "M" type. First proposed taxonomy of donors of mnogopotochnoy in maize by type of inheritance in the offspring of hybrids with adiopodoume sterile testers. The new line mnogopotochnoy corn are the next breeding valuable characters of economic importance.

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