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Journal article

Crop productivity and grain quality of spring wheat in dependence on application of mineral fertilizers  [2017]

Kosolapova, A.I., Perm Research and Development Inst. of Agriculture, Perm Krai (Russian Federation); Vozzhaev, V.I.; Lejnikh, P.A., Perm State Agricultural Academy (Russian Federation);

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An impact of mineral nutrition levels with N30P30K30-N150P150K150 kg of active ingredient (AI) per hectare (5 gradations) on forming crop productivity and grain quality of spring wheat of Gornouralskaya variety in a field experiment on turf-podzolic soil was studied in conditions of the Perm Krai in 2013-2915. Ammonium nitrate, superphopsphate, chloride potassium – applied during pre-sowing cultivation – were used in the experiment. with the yield was recorded by direct combining. Protein content was determined according to the Barstein method of an amount of crude gluten according to GOST 13586-68, vitreousity – GOST 10897-76, elemental composition of grain and straw – according to the Kurkaev method modified by Pinevitch. It is established that mineral fertilizer application promoted an increase of spring wheat yield compared with the control (1.88 t/ha) by 0.29-1.66 ton per hectare. The increase in the yield was obtained by growing a number of grains in an ear and a weight of 1000 grains. The contents of protein, vitreousity, common azote, phosphorus, potassium in grain was greater. Complex estimation identified avariant with application of mineral fertilizers N60P60K60; the 3-year average yield was 3.21 t/ha, the gluten content – 21.6%, payback of 1 kg of AI/ha NPK an increase of yield – 8 kg of grain at the energy coefficient of 2.53. Further increasing the mineral fertilizer dose caused crop lodging and decreasing the gluten content.

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Perm Agrarian Journal

ISSN : 2307-2873