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The crossbreeding influence on productve qualities of swine  [2017]

Semenov, A.S. Kavardakova, O.Yu., The D.N. Pryanishnikov Perm State Agrarian and Technological Univ. (Russian Federation)

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The effectiveness of different crossing variants and compatibility test of industrial swine production breeds for obtaining the highly productive animals with excellent fattening and meat qualities were studied at one of large pig breeding farms of the Perm Krai. 3 groups of sows with 20 heads per each were formed for investigation. Control group was represented by purebred Large White swine, I and II experimental groups (crossbred swine Large White x Landrace) consisted of Duroc boars and МAXGRO (MG) synthetic line. «Hermitage» company (Ireland) selected boars of this line through the Pietrain breed that is characterized by its excellent meat content, high slaughter yield, pronounced meat shapes, high feed conversion rate, high maturing rate and lean meat yield of a high quality. During the research all animals were under the same feeding and keeping conditions. The experiment determined that purebred Large White sows had the best reproductive qualities with prolificacy of 11.7 heads. Crossbred sows show good performance of big foetus and piglet safety to the weaning period. Animals from II experimental group were distinguished by pronounced meat qualities. They reliably (p less or equally 0.001) exceled their herdmates by loin eye area by 7.5 cm2 and backfat above 6th and 7th scapula vertebrae by 2.5 mm. Animals of II group had an equal maturing rate– 167.2 days, the highest average daily gain of life weight – 817.9 g and feed conversion of 3.62 fodder u
nits. They excelled control group by maturing rate for 20.4 days (p less or equally 0.001) and animals of I group for 3.3 days (p less or equally 0.001). Three breed crossing therefore ((Large White x Landrace) x MG) allows to increase the reproductive qualities of sows as well as meat and fattening qualities of young piglets.

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Perm Agrarian Journal

ISSN : 2307-2873