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Digital technologies in the service of biological science  [2018]

Mel'nik, N.N. Komarov, N.G. Tambovtseva, О.М., Central Scientific Agricultural Library, Moscow (Russian Federation)

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The use efficiency and citation frequency of one of the tools for intelligent analysis of documents and result presentation, namely Pathway Studio by Elsevier, have been analyzed. Information was accessed through the Scopus database and the ScienceDirect - library of full-text publications. The number of informatics articles mentioning Pathway Studio since 2003 has increased, reaching 170 in 2014. The number of citations of articles based on abstracts has also increased since 2004 and reached 153 in 2014. Every year since 2006 the number of patents in biology has grown in 2014, it reached 20. Peak number of abstracts on informatics with the references of Pathway Studio was observed in 2010 and 2012. The number of full-text publications mentioning Pathway Studio was more than abstracts by 10-17 times. The current version of Elsevier's intelligent text parsing technology achieves 98% accuracy for object detection and 88% accuracy for link extraction. The combination of content from Elsevier's top-quality journals and automated intelligent text processing technology, capable of extracting information from millions of full-text scientific articles and tens of millions of abstracts in a few hours, offers to researchers a unique tool for the effective work.

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Vestnik of the Russian Agricultural Science

ISSN : 2500-2082