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Journal article

Thesaurus as a reflection system of the state of subject area "Plant growth regulators"  [2018]

Pirumova, L.N.; Milevskaya, I.A., Central Scientific Agricultural Library, Moscow (Russian Federation);

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The results of researches on development of new elements of industry-wide linguistic facilities allowing to form, structure databases and effective search in them are presented. The purpose of the work was to actualize the polythematic information retrieval thesaurus in agriculture and foods (IRT) with new lexis to provide exact description of domain areas, reflection of the content of documents, unified representation of data and indexing documents. The content of the IRT was enriched in terms of terminological area "Growth regulators" in hierarchic trees to make the description of the domain area full The IRT has been created since 1992; in 2018 its volume amounted to 51 thousand lexical items. During the research the terminology absent in the IRT was revealed, including for concepts that have already become firmly established in the modern science and practice in the domain area "Growth regulators". The lexical entry has been revised in terms of revealing, adding and verifying synonymy, paradigmatic relations, building hierarchic tree, status terms and their tags. The reflection of objects and relations of objects in this subject area in the CSAL IRT is presented. Lexical entries from the terminological area "Growth regulators" were revised and replenished in accordance with the modern scientific ideas of their structure and mechanisms of action. It is shown that the lexical entry "Growth regulators" comprised descriptors reflecting their modern classif
ication. Conclusions are made that the creation and development of the CSAL IRT meet the current world level of development of thesauri; in the IRT the terminology relating to the domain area "Growth regulators" having a total volume of 288 lexical items fully enough reflected; the given lexical entries do not contradict with the modern classification of the growth regulators.

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Agrochem Herald

ISSN : 0235-2516