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Journal Article

Adaptive reaction of oat varieties on change in time and space ecological conditions  [2018]

Eliseev, S.L.; Sataev, Eh.F., Perm State Agro-Technological Univ. (Russian Federation);

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The aim of research is the assessment of oat varieties response to a change in ecological conditions in years and natural zones. The following data of the state variety testing were analyzed for the period of 2011-2017 in the four natural zones of the Perm Krai: northern (Kudymkar), central (Nytva), south-eastern (Berezovka), southern (Kueda). The objects of research were 9 varieties of oats (Avena sativa L.) recommended for use in the territory of the Perm Krai in 2018. The research was carried out in different weather conditions. 2016 was the driest year characterized by hydrothermal coefficient (HTC) equal to 0.9 during the vegetative period. In 2011-2014, hydrothermal conditions were close to average longstanding with HTC of 1.3; 1.4; 1.2; 1.7, respectively. Meteorological conditions for the period of 2015 and 2017 were highlighted by excessive moisture (HTC = 2.4 and 2.5). Ecological conditions in the natural zones of Perm Krai are significantly different as well. From northern to southern zones, annual precipitation decreases from 500-650 mm to 400-500 mm, while the sum of active temperature increases from 1500-1600 deg C to 1800-2000 deg C as well as frost-free period from 100-110 to 110-116 days. Natural fertility of sod-podzolic soils is defined by an increase in the bonitet score from 22-31 to 28-54, besides that, the south-eastern zone contains soils of higher fertility such as gray forest soil and podzolized chernozems. Coefficients of adaptive
ness, intensity and ecological stability were calculated. It is established that in the Central Cis-Ural region of the Perm Krai, the Tifon, the Stayer and the Concur oat varieties form the highest adaptiveness in time and space. The observed varieties combine a high potential of intensity in favorable ecological conditions with a high stability in unfavorable ones according to years and natural zones.

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" Adaptive reaction of oat varieties on change in time and space ecological conditions "
" Адаптивная реакция сортов овса на изменение временных и пространственных экологических условий "
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