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Journal Article

Journal Article

Pressure of the artificial rain drops on the soil  [2018]

Zver'kov, М.S., All-Russia Research and Development Inst. of Irrigation Systems and Agricultural Water Supply "Raduga", Moscow Region (Russian Federation);

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The study is aimed at preventing and eliminating accelerated anthropogenic erosion and carrying out the required erosion control measures. At the moment when rain drops hit some stresses occur in the soil which is called vertical effective pressure pe. The equation for calculation pe is proposed in this study using the known range of raindrops. Effective pressure pe = 1.4 Pa (coefficient of variation Cv = 0.43, significance level p less than 0.05) of the artificial rain by the sprinkler machine "Fregat" was calculated using the range of raindrops at an intensity of 0.2 mm/min and drop falling height of 2.2 m. According to the method of B.M. Lebedev the pressure was 0.2 Pa (Cv = 0.01, p less than 0.05) for the same conditions. It is noted that the pressure value according to the proposed method significantly depends on the width of the range studied (correlation coefficient r = 0.94) and the number of raindrops and the number of drops (r = – 0.73). An analysis of the proposed formula has shown that changing the rain intensity along the wring of the sprinkler machine will increasing the number of drops being defined which will influence the increasing the integral value of effective pressure. This corresponds to the sprinkling peculiarities: the more drops fall on the soil surface; the more effect rail will have on the soil. The proposed procedure takes into account the rain-covered area, the known procedure will not. The proposed procedure allows sufficient
ly adequately evaluating the value of admissible rain pressure on soil.

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" Pressure of the artificial rain drops on the soil "
" Давление капель искусственного дождя о почву "
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