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Journal article

Effect of fungicides and timing of application on the intensity of development of rust on plants of sunflower  [2018]

Pluzhnikova, I.I.; Kriushin, N.V., Penza Research and Development Inst. of Agriculture (Russian Federation);

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Expansion of sunflower acreage and saturation of crop rotations leads to increased harmfulness of phytophages. Recently, the sunflower plants have developed rust. The use of fungicides does not give a high protective effect. Therefore, there is a need for further search for effective drugs, optimal timing and multiplicity of their use from harmful organisms. There is given an estimation of the biological effectiveness of the use of two-component fungicides of systemic action of Acanto Plus, KS (0.6 l/ha) and Tanos, VSK (0.6 kg/ha), as well as one-component preparation Optimo, KE (0.6 l/ha) in different periods of development of sunflower oil in the suppression of rust. The study was conducted over two years (2017-2018) at the experimental field of the Penza region. During the years of research, 15 days after the application of the studied fungicides, the biological effectiveness of protective measures, except for treatments in the phase of 10 leaves once and twice with the drug Optimo, KE, was 59.7-100%. After 30 days after spraying with fungicides, a high protective effect was established with the use of the drug Acanto Plus, KS in all studied periods (72.8-91.4%). When treating by the medicine Optimo, KE the greatest biological efficiency is noted at use of fungicide in early terms in a phase of 4 leaves (77.6 and 67.0%). In 45 and 60 days after treating the efficiency only of medicine of Akanto Plus, KS – 40.0-73.9% is established. Use of fungicides of
Akanto Plus, KS and Optimo, KE in a phase of 4 leaves once provides duration of protection against rust up to 30 days, in a phase of 4 leaves and in 10 days processing with the medicine Tanos, VSK – up to 45 days. Spraying by fungicide of Akanto Plus, KS in phases 6, 10 of leaves once and in a phase of 10 leaves was the most effective twice, duration of protection averaged 52 days. At the same time, application of Akanto Plus, KS in a phase of 10 leaves has twice allowed to prolong protective effect up to 60 days.

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International Agricultural Journal

ISSN : 2587-6740