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Journal article

Marking of Pl5, Pl6 и Pl8 loci controlling resistance to Plasmopara halstedii in sunflower lines developed in VNIIMK  [2018]

Ramazanova, S.A.; Antonova, T.S., The V.S. Pustovoyt All-Russia Research and Development Inst. of Oil–Producing Crops, Krasnodar (Russian Federation);

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The modern technologies of genotyping using DNA-markers allow significantly increasing development of new sunflower varieties resistant to a complex of downy mildew races (Plasmopara halstedii) and to control existence of resistance gens at the each stage of breeding. We approbated known from literary sources nine STS and three SSR-markers of gens Pl5, Pl6, and Pl8 controlling resistance to races of P. halstedii. After optimizing conditions for PCR for each primer, we tested 15 sunflower lines developed in All-Russia Research and Development Institute of Oil Crops (VNIIMK) which are differed with their resistance to races 730, 710, 330 and 334. To mark a locus Pl6 we used three STS and three SSR-markers. We identified loci Pl5 and Pl8 using six known STS-markers. No one maker showed a distinct differentiation between sunflower lines with different resistance to races of P. halstedii. Thus, tested molecular markers did not differentiate sunflower lines developed in VNIIMK by their susceptibility or resistance to downy mildew races.

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