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Journal article

Express-evaluation of oleic and linoleic fatty acids content in oil in milled sunflower kernels by means of IR-spectrometry  [2018]

Efimenko, S.G.; Efimenko, S.K., The V.S. Pustovoyt All-Russia Research and Development Inst. of Oil–Producing Crops, Krasnodar (Russian Federation);

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The purpose of the work is to create a method for determination of the basic fatty acids in oil in milled sunflower kernels by means of the IR-spectrometry. We conducted our researches using sunflower seeds produced in 2015–2018 in Krasnodar region. We determined a set of fatty acids in milled kernels due to the State Standards R 51483-99 and R 51486-99 using a gas chromatograph "Chromatec-Kristall 5000" equipped by automatic dispenser on a capillary column SolGelWax 30 m x 0.25 mm x 0.5 mcm in a gaseous fluid current – helium bearer with a speed 25 cm per sec, with a programmed temperature within 185–235 С degrees. Prepared kernel samples were milled and we registered the obtained spectra in a spectrum 3500–12500 cm in a minus 1 degree with resolution 16 cm in a minus 1 degree, according to the manual for the IR-spectrometer MATRIX-I, produced Bruker Optics (Germany). The spectra of the each sample we registered in three replications, pouring in a cuvette with a diameter 51 mm. we selected 236 sunflower kernel samples with a variation range of oleic acid content from 11.4 to 92.0% and linoleic one – from 0.8 to 78.5%. We developed a calibrating model for determination of oleic acid content in oil with a determination coefficient 99.82 at 11 ranks and standard error of prediction 1.23%. The determination coefficient of linoleic acid was 99.89 at 10 ranks, and standard error – less than 0.9%. Thus, we created a method "Sunflower milled" for wide-scale analy
sis basing on the developed calibrating models on determination of oleic and linoleic fatty acids in oil of milled sunflower kernels in an average sample (8–22 g) in a cuvette with diameter 51 mm in a program OPUS LAB. This allows conducting operatively a preliminary estimation of breeding germplasm with a high speed – more than 100 samples per a working day.

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