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Journal article

Changes in soddy-podzolic soil fertility under influence of complex application of fertilizers in the Republic of Komi  [2018]

Chebotarev, N.T.; Yudin, A.A.; Konkin, P.I., Research and Development Inst. of Agriculture in Komi Republic, Syktyvkar (Russian Federation); Oblizov, A.V., The Republican of Komi Academy of State Service and Management, Syktyvkar (Russian Federation);

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Organic fertilizers in the form of peat-manure compost (TNK) and mineral fertilizers in the norms calculated for the planned crop of herbs (15 t/ha of green feed) and potatoes (15 t/ha of tubers) were applied in the fodder six-field crop rotation on soddy-podzolic soil (two fields of potatoes, perennial and annual grasses). It is established that at use of organic fertilizer system the humus content increased on 0.7-0.9%, organomineral one – 0.3-0.5%; at the same time, application of mineral fertilizers promoted decrease in soil organic substance content by 0.1-0.2%. Increased soil acidity and decreased potassium in the soil due to the high removal and leaching of calcium and potassium were registered. It was found that the optimal fertilizer ratio is TNK 80 t/ha and the total dose of NQF. With such an amount of organic and mineral fertilizers, the highest yield of agricultural crops (potatoes – 21.4 t/ha of tubers, perennial grasses 6.6 t/ha of DM and annual – 4.4 t/ha of DM) was obtained. The starch content in potato tubers increased to 13.0-13.6% (in control – 11.6%), the amount of nitrate nitrogen did not exceed MPC; the content and collection of crude protein in annual and perennial grasses increased as well. Therefore, positive effect of organic and mineral fertilizers on the content of organic matter and nutrients in the soil has been proved.

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Agrochem Herald

ISSN : 0235-2516