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The Central Scientific Agricultural Library of the Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences is a Bibliographic Center for Agricultural Science and Industry in Russia

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Journal article

Turning the pages of the publication: to the anniversary of the journal "Agrochemical herald" (Agrokhimicheskiy vestnik)  [2019]

Pirumova, L.N., Central Scientific Agricultural Library, Moscow (Russian Federation);

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There is considered the development history of the journal "Agrochemical Herald". The publications of the journal over the 90-year existence have been analyzed: from 1929 till 2018 using the bibliometric methods. The status and remit of the journal, fullness of its sections, dynamics of changing the publication frequency, size of circulation, reference matter of the publication, readership, and principles of article design were studied. The journal was modern at each stage of its development functioning as a conductor of scientific and technical achievements. Over 90 years of its existence of the journal above 14 thousand publications regarding the theory and practice of using chemicals in agriculture, soil conservation and ecology have been published. The journal changed it title 7 times, but it remained true its subject matter. Having tasted the difficult years of "perestroika" it has saved its face, its reader and up-to-dated meeting the current requirements. The two-year RSCI impact factor is 0.517, and the five-year one is 0.458. The publication activity, impact factor and citedness of the journal are growing saying about its development and being highly sought.

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Agrochem Herald

ISSN : 0235-2516