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Journal article

Approbation of the methodology of the economy of land degradation for the Lipetsk region  [2019]

Makarov, О.А.; Tsvetnov, Е.V.; Kubarev, Е.N.; Abdulkhanova, D.R.; et al.

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We investigated the changes in land use and NDVI in the Lipetsk region forthe period from 2001 to 2009 basingon remote sensing data of MODIS. It is established that the most significant reduction inareas is typical for young forests (areas where 5-10% of the area is occupied by trees with a height of not more than 5 m)that are passing into mature forest stage (land plots, 50-60% of the area of which are trees more than 2 m).It indicates the abandoning and subsequent colonization of agricultural lands with woody vegetation within the study period. There is a decrease in NDVI (because landsare subjected to degradation processes) on the area of 112755 hectares and an increase in this value on the area of 44878 hectares, which was a characteristic phenomenon for agriculture in Russia for the 90s 20th century and the first decade of the 21st century. The results of calculations performed by the method of J. von Braun showed that the cost of inaction in the Lipetsk region is higher than the cost of measuresagainst land degradation (for 6-year and 30-year planning horizons).It confirms the economic feasibility of measures adopted to restore (improve) land performance in the regionand to support the ecosystem services. A sufficiently high level of the current state of agricultural production in the Lipetsk region achieved largely due to investments in the growth of land bioproductivity, in practice confirms the adequacy of the environmental and economic analysis.

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