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Journal article

Influence of soil treatment systems on dynamics of nutrients content in chernozem ordinary in the Rostov region  [2019]

Kravtsova, N.E.; Mokrikov, G.V.; Kazeev, K.Sh.; Minnikova, T.V.; et al.

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The differences insoil(ordinary chernozems) nutrient contents subjected to different tillage methods were revealed. The studies were performed in the Rostov region throughout different seasons in soils under various field crops in 28 fields where zero tillage and direct sowing were applied during 8 years. We also explored the control fields of the neighboring farms where the conventional tillage (moldboard plowing) has been used. The profile distribution and seasonal variations of the main agrochemical indicators were determined. It is revealed that in the soils under winter wheat agrocoenosis No-Till use leads to an increase in the content of mobile phosphorus and potassium. Simultaneously, exchange ammonium content in most cases was less compared to the soils afterconventional tillage.

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Agrochem Herald

ISSN : 0235-2516