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Journal article

Assessment of fertilizers and biopreparation Gumistim efficiency at cultivation of winter wheat radioactively polluted soil  [2019]

Spravtseva, E.V.; Mimonov, R.V.; Belous, N.M.; Kos'yanchuk, V.P.; et al.

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The results of evaluating the effectiveness of the application of various doses, combinations and ratios of mineral fertilizers and biological preparation Gumistim in the cultivation of winter wheat of Moskovskaya 39 have been conducted the research in the conditions of radioactive contamination of the territory and their influence on grain yield and quality are presented. The field experiments were carried out during 2014-2017 in the Bryansk region in four-field crop rotation on soddy-medium-podzolic light-loamy soil, soil contamination density of 137Cs is 216-248 kBq/m2 (6-7 Ku/km2). The crops were treated with biopreparation Gumistim in spring in the tillering phase at the rate of preparation consumption of 6 l/ha. The account of the plant stand on the fixed sites on germination and before harvest was carried out. The structural analysis of selected sheaves was carried out according to the procedure of the state cultivar testing agricultural crops under laboratory conditions. The highest yield of winter wheat is formed due to all the indicators of the elements of the structure. It has been revealed that the yield of winter wheat grain in the studied varieties of the experiment varied on average from 1.88 to 4.07 t/ha. The highest grain yield of winter wheat (4.07 t/ha) was obtained with the introduction of a full mineral fertilizer in combination with the biological preparation Gumistim, to provide the protein content in grain of 13.6% and its collectio
n of 0.553 t/ha, a mass fraction of gluten 27.3%. The complex application of the chemical means in the variant N120P90K150 + Gumistim allows obtaining the grain of winter wheat with the content of 137Cs 3.17 times lower in comparison with the control and 13.4 lower relative to the current standard (60 Bq/kg).

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Agrochem Herald

ISSN : 0235-2516