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Journal Article

Journal Article

Technical level of promising machinery system for manure cleaning and preparing to further use  [2020]

Gridnev, P.I.; Gridneva, T.T., All-Russia Research and Development Inst. of Mechanization of Animal Husbandry, Moscow (Russian Federation);

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Based on research results, cleaning and preparing experience operating systems for manure using analysis, the technical level of existing technical means is determined, and technologies and machinery for manure cleaning processes from premises' performing main directions improving are justified, processing it by anaerobic digestion composting and mechanical separation into fractions are substantiated. A list of technical means has been created that allows a highly efficient environmentally safe system for manure disposal in relation to any livestock enterprise to create. It was found that environment significant damage by an animals' unreasonably high concentration on the same site and necessary areas for manure disposal by enterprises lack is caused. The main operational-and-technological indicators of newly created technical means and those to be upgraded are presented. The proposed technological and technical solutions at water flow into manure, the number of performed operations minimizing, transport flows' optimizing, and animals and service personnel's comfortable conditions creating are aimed; manure maximum using as a raw material for the of organic fertilizers producing. The completed research developments' implementation will allow new principles for manure cleaning and preparing for environmentally friendly systems' building to develop. To reduce the nutrients losses by 50-70%, the range of technical means 2-3 times; energy and material consumpt
ion 1.5-2 times; the fertilizer using efficiency 13-17 times to increase; up to 20 million tons of grain per year additionally to produce is required.

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" Технический уровень перспективной системы машин для уборки и подготовки навоза к использованию "
" Technical level of promising machinery system for manure cleaning and preparing to further use "

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