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The biodiversity of poultry breeds Oravka and Bantam Oravka in Slovakia  [2007]

Hrnčár, C., Slovenská poľnohospodárska univ. v Nitre (Slovak Republic) Weis, J.

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The breed of the hen Oravka was created by crossbreeding of the regional hens with Rhode Island, Wyandotte and New Hampshire. Oravka and Bantam Oravka were recognised as breeds in 1990. The original breeding goal to create a dual purpose poultry breed with good egg production, growth ability and adaptability on altemative outdoor rearing was fulfilled during the individual stages of breeding programme, which started in the 1950. This year, 40 controlled breeds of Oravka with 56 males and 502 females were registered. In the year 2007, 11 controlled breeds of Bantam Oravka with 13 males and 78 females were registered on the area of Slovakia. Small number of breeds and the current geographical transfer to more southern parts of southern parts of Slovak area are the risk factors of Oravka breeding. The changes of production conditions could have a negative impact its on resistance against unfavourable climatic conditions.

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