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The Ministry of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform (Arabic: وزارة الزراعة والإصلاح الزراعي‎) is a government ministry office of the Syrian Arab Republic, responsible for agriculture affairs in Syria.

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Journal article

[Effect of endomycorrhizal fungi on maximizing the efficiency of olive cakes as fertilizer for young olives]  [1989]

Al-Momany, A.A.; Al-Saket, I. (Jordan Univ., Amman (Jordan). Faculty of Agriculture);

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Different rates of olive cakes were added to olive seedlings which have been inoculated with Glomus fasciculatum, and were grown thereafter for 1.5 year under green-house conditions to study their effects on plant growth. Results showed that the growth of mycorrhizal olive seedlings was higher compared to that of non-mycorrhizal plants. Addition of olive cakes to the inoculated plants at a rate of 10 or 20% of the soil weight gave the highest plant growth. Addition of higher levels of olive cakes, however, resulted in decreased growth as compared with non-treated plants. Mycorrhizal plants had higher content of phosphorus and potassium as compared with the control, and this was positively correlated to the quality of olive cakes added to the soil. Roots of plants showed good growth and higher mycorrhizal structures, while weak seedlings showed lower intensity of colonization. The results indicated a positive effect of G. fasciculatum on the efficacy of olive cakes used as a fertilizer if it is added at the proper rate

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