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Journal article

Utilization of nitrogen from feather meal, soybean meal and urea for sheep.  [1991]

Pichit Punsri; Sakon Nakhon Agricultural Research and Training Center (Thailand) [Corporate Author]

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6 wether sheep averaging 30 kg body weight were prepared to evaluate an apparent digestibility and growth performance with 3 experimental diets; feathermeal (HFM), soybean meal (SBM) and urea diet (U) in a 3x3 Latin square design of experiment. Crude protein digestibility was significantly less for HFM (76.85 %) diet than those for SBM (84.92 %) and U (88.75 %) diets (P<0.05). Crude fiber digestibility in HFM (65.06 %) diet was significantly greater comparing with SBM (58.02 %) and U (40.76 %) diets (P<0.05). Nitrogen retention and biological value were significantly larger in HFM diet than those with SBM and U diets (P<0.05). Average daily gain per day was significantly higher for animal fed on HFM diet comparing with SBM and U diets (P<0.05). The results indicated that feather meal was greater achieved as a nitrogen source for sheep production.