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Journal article

Development techniques for induced spawning of the Mekong giant catfish  [1993]

Pholprasit, S.; Phanu Thewaratmanikun; Krit Mongkhonpanya;

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Mekong Giant Catfish (Pangasianodon gigas chevey) is known as the largest catfish in the world. Besides its rarity, little is known about the actual life of this unique species. The Department of Fisheries has succeeded in induced spawning of this species since 1983. This project has been carried on for 3 years to create information need for complete aquaculture system. The project will be emphasized in 6 major fields, namely, comparison of the effectiveness of various substances for induced spawning, study on nursing of the larvae, cryopreservation of sperm, earthen pond culture of spwaners, pen culture of the spawner and induced spawning of the giant catfish reared in captivity. From the study, only one of 7 combinations of ovaprim or suprefact in combined with domperidone or sulpiride could not induce the giant catfish to spawn. The most appropriate combination was suprefact and DOM at 10 ug/kg of fish + 10 mg/kg and ug/kg +10 mg/kg at the first and second injection respectively. The cost of using ovaprim suprefact + DOM and suprefact+sulpiride for induction of spawning of the giant catfish were 49-50,7-9 and 4-5 baht/kg of fish respectively. Nursing of giant catfish fry, the stocking density at 4167 fry/cubic m resulted in the highest survival rate which was significantly different from stocking densities at 8333 and 12500 fry/cubic m. In concrete ponds, the period of nursing fry had direct effect on the survival of the fry. The optimum period for nurs
ing fry in concrete pond was 5-6 days. The most suitable technique for cryopreservation of the giant catfish sperm was to use 1:3 of sperm:F1 extender in AI tube placed in liquid Nitrogen vapour for 15 min before directly setting in to liquid Nitrogen. When needed, the tube is then thawed in 80 deg C water for 20 sec. The growth rate of fish in the earthen pond and pen culture depended on environmental conditions. During the sumer and rainy seasons, fish exhibited better growth rate than that in winter, However, there was no sign of maturity in these fish. Induced spawning of giant catfish reared in captivity was done. The results indicated that the age of 4 years (21 kg), a fish is still immature and cannot respond to the implantation of suprefact and domperidone.

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Warasan Kan Pramong

ISSN : 0125-6297