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Used of aloe vera in decreased clinical signs of canine distemper  [1998]

Tipayaratn Musikacharoen Kawin Vonghong Gavin Nunklang Jutamas Rattanakunuprakarn et al.

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Aloe vera contains many ingredients such as protein, vitamins, minerals and anti-inflammatory agents, activating and stimulating function of white blood cells and enhancing immune system. This experiment did on 5 dogs suffering from canine distemper. The aloe vera juice was feed 5 ml/kg/day for 2 weeks. Clinical signs of each dogs were observed and compared with 5 dogs in the control group. The clinical signs of treated dogs including appetite, nasal discharge, ocular discharge and lung sound improved better than those of control dogs. In addition 2 dogs in control group shown nervous signs. These study shows that aloe vera may be useful in alleviating the clinical signs of canine distemper.