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Distribution and cytogenetics of killifish, aplocheilus panchax (Hamilton-Buchman) from the central, Thailand  [1992]

Wichian Magtoon Thawat Donsakul (Srinakharinwirot Univ., Bangkok (Thailand). Faculty of Science. Dept. of Biology)

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Purpose of this experiment was to study on distribution and cytogenetics study of Aplocheilus panchax. Ten specimens of A. panchax 2.5-3.5 mm in SL, were used. An observation of mitotic metaphase chromosome prepared from gill, intestine and kidney tissue by the Uwa and Ojima's method (1981) were made. Levan et al.,'s method of chromosome classification was employed. The findings were as follows: 1) Apocheilus panchax were widely distributed in the Mae Nam Choa Phraya Basin. 2) The diploid chromosome number of A. panchax was 40. The Karyotype consisted of 4 paires of metacentric, 2 pairs of submetacentric, and 14 pairs of acrocentric chromosomes. The arm number was 52. These results will be useful for cytotaxonmy of fishes.