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Journal article

Papain: Extraction and its use as meat tenderizer  [1991]

Sanchai Jaturasitha (Chiang Mai Univ., Chiang Mai (Thailand). Faculty of Agriculture. Dept. of Animal Husbandry);

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Papaya (Carica papaya Linn) can be grown in every part of Thailand. All parts of the fruit are useful such as: peel for colour, fruit for consumption and latex for meat tenderizer. Papaya latex is a proteolytic enzyme consisting of 4 enzymes: Chymopapaya A and B, Papain and Papaya peptidase A. The common name of these enzymes is papain. Papain can digest protein in muscle fiber and connective tissue; and can be used for improving meat quality. Tenderness is the physical quality preferred by beef consumers. 8 drops of papain is adequate to tenderize 1 kilogram of beef. Papain production is not complicated and can be produced for industrial purpose. Papain as meat tenderizer does not accumulate toxin like other chemical meat tenderizer.

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Warasan Kaset

ISSN : 0857-0841