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Some aspects on the biology of the mekong giant catfish Pangasius gigas (Chevey)  [1991]

Snit Tongsanga (Kasetsart Univ., Bangkok (Thailand). Faculty of Science. Dept. of Zoology); Saneh Polprasit;

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In order to manage the population of P. gigas for economical aspect and species conservation, khowledge on various phases of its biology are surely needed. Total of 220 fish (average, 218.1 cm in total length and 172.8 kg in weight) were collected beginning from 1984 through 1990. Male fish lead the school migrates up stream day and night for spawning. Length-weight relationships are best described by the following equation: Male, W=1.54217L** (1.49797); Female, W=0.69364L** (1.62173); Male and female (sex combined) W=1.10196L** (1.54835). Condition index of female was significantly higher than those male of the same length. Relative condition index revealed good condition in growth rate. Sex ratio (male: female) was roughtly about 2:1.