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Bati Akdeniz Agricultural Research Institute is based on the history of the Republic's first anniversary. The Institute of different research organizations (Citrus Research Institute, Horticultural Research Institute, Biological Control Research Institute, Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Regional Cotton Research Institute) took its present day state of the combination at different times.

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Namık Kemal SÖNMEZ; Mustafa SARI; Batı Akdeniz Tarımsal Araştırma Enstitüsü [Corporate Author]

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Systems and softwares are available to monitor natural and cultural changes in the modern world. These highly complicated systems send huge amount of data to earth to be processed. These data are organized and processed by a system called GIS. GIS is a system that helps determine the best strategies and resource management for natural and cultural land resources. Remote sensing, however, is an application used to collect these information. Due to its applicability in data collection, storage, data processing and publication, GIS has advanced in great deal in the last 10-15 years and has been presented to customers. In our country GIS is a complex mass that using in recent years as understandable produced datas supplied from itself and processing of methods. While the database, the core of the system, stores the information for future applications, it also provides the information to the system itself.

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ISSN : 2149-2182