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Journal article

A Case of Rhinolithiasis Secondary To Plant Bough  [2013]

Güzelsoy, Saime Sağıroğlu; Özdemir, Süleyman; Sürmelioğlu, Özgür; Ay, Özlem Oymak; et al.

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Rhinolith is mineralized masses which is usually consisting secondary to an object located in the nasal cavity. they are rarely seen and if diagnosis prolonged they can cause nasal obstruction. A unilateral rhinorrhea, nasal congestion and a bad smell is the most common symptoms. In this study, the 39-year-old female patient was operated on for rhinolithiasis with the review of the literature is presented.

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Cukurova Medical Journal (Çukurova Üniversitesi Tıp Fakültesi Dergisi); Yıl: 2013 Cilt: 38 Sayı: 2

ISSN : 0250-5150