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The First Turkish Family with Ulnar Mammary Syndrome  [1998]

Karaarslan, Neşe Tükel, Turgut Kayserili, Hülya Apak, Memnune Yüksel

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Ulnar mammary syndrome UMS is characterized by ulnar limb deficiencies or duplications apocrine mammary gland hypoplasia and or dysfunction abnormal dentition and genital anomalies The syndrome is inherited in an autosomal dominant manner with variable expression and different penetrance It was first described in 1975 by Mc Kusick citing a personal communication with Schinzel 1973 Here we describe a family with 9 affected individuals in 3 generations showing variable expressivity of UMS Key words: Ulnar Mammary Syndrome Pallister Syndrome Polydactyly Oligodactyly Hypoplasia Of Apocrine Glands Hypoplasia Of Mammary Glands Hypogonadism

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Türk Pediatri Arşivi; Yıl: 1998 Cilt: 33 Sayı: 4

ISSN : 1306-0015