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Mersin University Journal of The Faculty of Education began to be published in 2005. It has been issued in three volumes (April, August and December) a year since 2012. The articles can be issued in Turkish or English in the Journal. All the volumes can be accessed online (from Archive).

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Journal article

An Overview of the Seafood Processing Sector in Some Mediterranean Countries  [2018]

DİNÇER, Mehmet Tolga;

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In this review current situation and the development of the seafood processing sector in some selected Mediterranean countries will be given. To give an idea of the scale of the trade, better to mention the amount of fish consumption rates of the countries. European Mediterranean countries consume almost 7.5 million tonnes of seafood each year, these countries just produce 2.75 million tonnes of domestic fish and seafood products annually and import 1.8 million tonnes of fish and seafood products from the other Mediterranean countries just in the region every year. There is a serious difference between in seafood consumption between EU member countries and African countries which are locating in Mediterranean. The reasons behind these differences in consumption are diverse, and are related not only to cultural and gastronomic habits, demography and standards of living, but also to general logistics issues, such as deficiencies in road communications and lack of wholesale food markets and processing plants. A balance of this trade should be stabilized and the solution can be transferring the processing technologies by using the EU founds and supports for these non-member Mediterranean countries.

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Mediterranean Fisheries and Aquaculture Research